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People for Safe Vaccines

The Pointy End

The Project

There is a concerted push by drug companies and governments worldwide to develop, manufacture and roll out COVID-19 vaccines.


In Australia, the federal government has granted AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Janssen-Cilag (a Johnson and Johnson subsidiary) fast-track approval to develop experimental vaccines, allowing those drug companies to defer many steps key to ensuring vaccine safety and efficacy. Numerous medical experts are warning about unorthodox and biased trials, unreleased results data, unknown long-term effects and the distinct possibility of death and serious injury from these new vaccines.

Many people are concerned about the speed with which these vaccines are being brought to market. In the government’s rush to rollout and potentially mandate the experimental vaccines, many people have been motivated to take action to bring about honesty, transparency and accountability with this vaccine program. It is from this background that we were inspired to form People for Safe Vaccines Ltd, to address these issues head-on.


Unlike the normal approval processes for new medicines which take time and involve thorough safety and efficacy testing, the Australian government, through the Therapeutics Goods Administration, has used what is referred to as the ‘provisional determination pathway’ to fast-track the supply of COVID-19 vaccines to the Australian public.

On 25 January 2021, the TGA announced approval for the supply of the Pfizer experimental vaccine. The AstraZeneca and Johnson-Cilag vaccines are yet to be approved under the fast-track process.


Under this fast-track process, the sponsor/company need only submit evidence of a clinical plan to submit comprehensive data on safety and efficacy within 6 years after registration.


In light of the departure from the normal process which would subject a new vaccine to extensive regulatory oversight evaluation and scrutiny prior to market, there are concerns as to the safety and efficacy of any COVID-19 ‘fast track’ vaccine and the enthusiasm with which a minimally-tested and potentially harmful product is being promoted.


People for Safe Vaccines Ltd is encouraged by the government’s recent assurances that inoculation will be voluntary and pressure will not be applied through withholding of certain financial benefits. Our members have been lobbying since the P.M.’s August 2020 announcement that the government would make the vaccines as mandatory as possible.


However, the following are still live issues.


  1. The claims made by the government, manufacturers and suppliers that the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are sufficiently safe and effective to distribute across the entire nation.


  1. Employers and businesses need to understand that they do not have authority to require their employees and customers be inoculated or undergo certain health measures, or to discriminate against them if they elect to decline.


  1. Health industry workers responsible for administering immunisations understand the risks and are able to communicate the same to their patients.


We plan to focus our immediate efforts into these areas.


Government coercion tactics cause many to submit to taking vaccines when it is not their preference. Tactics such as 'no jab, no play', 'no jab, no pay', 'no jab, no fly' and the like, together with statements from the top about "making them as mandatory as we can" are a real cause for concern. Now there is unfair pressure anticipated from employers and businesses who are suggesting ‘no jab, no job’ policies.

The influenza vaccine mandates rolled out in 2020 created a series of wide-spread problems in the aged-care sector, which included many violations of human rights, resulting in significant confusion and trauma for many. Exemptions based only on medical grounds and narrowing the parameters further put many at risk of injury. We oppose mandatory vaccination, particularly with experimental vaccines, and support freedom of choice and the resumption of exemptions. 


It cannot be assumed that any individual won't suffer adverse effects, particularly from an experimental vaccine, yet the government's COVID vaccination plan may affect all Australians. People suffering from auto-immune diseases seem to be more likely to react badly to vaccines, yet no screening tests are done to see if a side-effect is likely. This is insufficient, as injuries have occurred; the implication being exemptions will only be granted AFTER you become injured.

With the UK and US emergency approvals, these experimental vaccines are being administered by the millions and very serious adverse reactions being reported, including death and Bell’s Palsy. The reality is there has not been enough time to ascertain true long-term safety.

In relation to the COVID-19 experimental vaccines, the government has granted immunity to several drug companies, which is no incentive to develop safe or effective products.

See list of references here.

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