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When you become a member of People for Safe Vaccines Ltd, your contributions will fund efforts to fight the rushed COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the misleading safety and efficacy claims in Australia. This includes a war-chest to pay for such essentials as barristers and experts for our planned Court actions.

If you are an original paid  member of the Advocate Me National Class Action (July 2020-May 2021), then you will receive an automatic invitation to People for Safe Vaccines Ltd. If you have not already received an invitation, please email us at and we will send you an invitation. 

All information submitted via this application will be kept confidential and never disclosed without your prior written consent. Every effort has been made to ensure your data is secure.

Membership to People for Safe Vaccines is an Annual Subscription. There are three yearly plans to choose from, full membership, concession membership and generous membership.

To become a member, please complete the form below, choose the appropriate membership plan and make your payment.

​The more financial support we receive, the more resources we can access to remain agile in a rapidly developing environment. By supporting us, you are in-turn supporting yourself. 

Once you become a member you can gain full access to our blog articles, members forum, access to legal tips, regular updates on our progress, plus Q&A webinars and other educational content. After submitting the below form, you will be sent an email with full instructions. Please be sure to check you junk mail.

NB: Membership is an Annual cost at your nominated contribution and are non-refundable.

Please note: People for Safe Vaccines is not a platform for legal or advocacy advice. Please visit Advocate Me to learn about current class actions being run, for employees and employers, visit Australians Say No and to find an advocate visit Human Rights Advocate Australia.

Please download our company constitution here

Membership Application


(ACN 646 047 467)


Under Corporations Law requirements, the Register of Members for a public company limited by guarantee is not generally required to be provided to ASIC or made accessible to the public.


All personal information provided will be kept confidential and only disclosed with your express prior consent or as required by law.


To become a member of People for Safe Vaccines Ltd, kindly complete and sign the Membership Application and additional information and pay the membership fee.  You will receive a confirmation of membership sent to your nominated address and gain access to information in the Members’ Section of the website.

Annual Membership renewal reminders will be sent approximately  1 month before your renewal is due.

Membership Application


I apply to be a Member of People for Safe Vaccines Ltd (ACN 646 047 467) (“the company”).  I have read the company Constitution and agree to be bound by it. 


I authorise the company to place my name on its Register of Members. My personal details are as follows:

Additional Information


The following additional information will not be maintained on the Register of Members.  It is requested to assist us to contact you and to collate and use de-identified data to further the objects of the company.  By providing it you consent to its use for these purposes.

Relevant Interests

What is your interest in People for Safe Vaccines?
What COVID-19 symptoms did you have?
What Health Order were you given?
Details of any vaccine injury or adverse reactions exposed to.

You have completed Step 1. Your application has been received. Step 2 is to create a login and password to the members forum here.

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