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Meet The Team


Serene Teffaha

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I have 15 years experience as a practicing Lawyer in both private and public sectors. I am extremely passionate about social justice and have specialist knowledge in 
Human Rights, Public & Administrative Law, Whistleblower & Student Protections, Family Law, Tax Litigation and Dispute resolution. I am currently working on a National Class Action challenging the illegalities around the pandemic response, a Class Action for the false imprisonment of the residents of nine Melbourne public housing towers forced into hard lockdown and managing several key whistle-blower cases.


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Dr Judy Wilyman

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I educate professionals and the general community on vaccination decisions in Australia. I am a specialist in the government's vaccination policies and my goal is to help Australians improve their health options. I run public seminars and am a key note speaker at conferences on the Australian government's vaccination policies. I also do webinars on informed consent and the use of multiple vaccines in coercive government policies. To start learning about your choices in vaccination visit Vaccination Decisions (

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Dr. Catherine Fyans

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I have been a ‘holistic’ general medical practitioner for many years, graduating from Monash University Medical School, Melbourne, Australia. Having trained in conventional Western Medicine, my interests also led me to study a number of other healing disciplines aside from allopathic medicine. These studies have contributed to a deeper understanding of ‘health’, and have gifted me with an insight into the spectrum of health care practices and health care consumer demands.
I am currently writing a workshop series called 'Pathways to Conscious Health' and am the author of 'The Wounding of Health Care - From Fragmentation to Integration.'

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Kimberly McConchie

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I bring over 30 years of health practitioner insight as a clinician, mentor, presenter and manager. I am also the mother of a childhood cancer survivor – a journey which paved the way for my engagement in consumer health advocacy. I have extensive volunteering experience within hospital, sporting and other community settings and am passionate about promoting optimal health and well-being and the preservation our human right to make informed health choices in the absence of governmental penalty.




I am a retired lawyer and the mother of a Vaccine damaged child, David.  At the age of 10 months, my beautiful son was damaged by his Triple Antigen Vaccine, which left him with a permanent seizure disorder and on the Autistic Spectrum.  I was never given any information about the possible devastating side effects of the Vaccine.  David had a severe reaction to his second Vaccine – a huge abscess developed on the site of the Vaccine and had to be lanced. No advice was given to me at that time to have no further Vaccines.  David passed away at the age of 24.

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