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Citizen Action: Doctors Must Provide Fully Informed Consent

Action to take to Ensure Your Doctor Provides Fully Informed Consent to Experimental COVID Injections:

Make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the COVID injection. Take with you the documents below from the COVID Medical Network (Australian doctors) to ensure that you and your doctor are fully informed about the experimental nature of this new genetic technology in the COVID injection. If your doctor does not know these facts they are breaching medical ethics by promoting this product to you. This is a crime. Here are the documents to take with you:

  1. This Open Letter to all GP's from the COVID Medical Network. These are the Australian doctors who are concerned about medical ethics. They are providing this information specifically to your doctor to ensure that you get fully informed consent to this 'vaccine'. Please read the open letter and discuss it with your doctor. Inform your doctor they can join the COVID medical network to protect their professional integrity and to ensure their patients best interest comes first.

  2. Download the COVID19 Vaccine Declination form designed by the lawyers at People for Safe Vaccines to take to your doctor (and any employer) to discuss informed consent to this experimental jab.

  3. Also take with you the global statistics of the deaths and illnesses from COVID 'vaccines' that are being provided by the government regulators of many countries. Here are the latest statistics (6 August 2021) of the possible harm and deaths being observed. Plus, the breakdown of the most common serious reactions/conditions occurring. These are only ~1% of the actual injuries/deaths occurring because of the delay in these conditions appearing, and due to the voluntary nature of government reporting systems:

i) European Union Database of Adverse Drug Reactions to COVID19 Vaccines – 20,595 dead and 1.9 million vaccine injuries

ii) US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) – 12,791 dead and 682,873 vaccine injuries

iii) The UK Yellow Card Reporting - 1,559 deaths and 1,135,579 vaccine injuries

iv) The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administrator (TGA) - 516 dead and 57,161 vaccine injuries in just four months.

Further Action to Take:

Join up to the company People for Safe Vaccines (PSV) that includes lawyers and doctors challenging the government on the science for the new COVID directives and for other vaccines. If you are a member, you get access to the template letters to challenge the government mandates, particularly the vaccine, masks, PCR tests and QR Codes. You also get advice and assistance from the lawyers in any legal action that needs to be taken. These lawyers are submitting a class action against the premiers of all states and against the Australian Prime Minister for the disproportionate response to this flu-like illness, called COVID disease.

Other organisations providing information to protect your human rights include:

  1. Human Rights Advocates

  2. Ashley, Francina and Leonard Associates Lawyers (AFL)

  3. Vaccine Choice Australia

  4. Reignite Democracy Australia

  5. Know Your Rights

  6. Australian Vaccination-risks Network -

Indoctrination: The True Risks and Benefits of Vaccines:

This article describes how the medical-industry paradigm has provided false and misleading information about vaccines to global populations for decades. Through its control of the education system, both doctors and research institutions, and through the mainstream media, the pharmaceutical industry has been working towards this outcome for over three decades.

This has resulted in agnotology: populations that are ignorant of the real risks and benefits of vaccines. In addition, I will provide evidence that there is no legitimate public health purpose for coercive vaccination because governments have not adopted these laws in any Health Act with scientific evidence to support them.

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I really don’t want this jab, I don’t have the flu vax [at 71yo] because i take a variety of specific nutraceuticals to keep my immune system in tip-top shape. I am very well informed about these jabs and none of them are proved to work. The problem for me [and many others ] is that IF we don’t get jabbed, we wont be allowed to participate in society at all. After nearly 20mths of House Arrest here in Melb, I want to have a life, go places, do things, participate in functions….etc, but no jab/no life…Ive delayed it hoping that somehow, some legal body with commonsense might prevail, but nothing is forthcoming. I cannot live like a hermit, so…

Replying to

Anything you do through coercion will not bode well for any 'so called freedom'. The answer is not to wait for others but to simply say no and live your life being glad of the little things that truly make us happy. Yes we may not have access to many of the things we have been accustomed to (for now) however we are at war and our old way of life is gone. Our fight is bigger than a movie theatre visit or 2 weeks lying on a beach. You cannot give up your freedom of choice in order to get freedom of movement or soon you will have neither.


Really keen to get peoples understanding of the new definition for "vaccine" on the CDC website. This has only just changed.

The new definition is

"A preparation that is used to stimulate the body's immune response against diseases."

Out TGA hasn't changed their definition yet, but I hope for one time we actually follow the lead from USA here and they do change it to be the same.

This is my thought process here - I think this definition change has a major impact on how we view vaccinations. The definition NO LONGER mentions "PROTECTION" from the disease. (they have had to take that out of the definition because science now shows that vaccines do not provide protection - that…


This actually comes at a very timely moment for me. Thank you. I am on casual nurse bank at a private hospital in regional Victoria. I have been notified that I am unable to work in "high risk areas" due to my refusal to have the jab. The Nurse Unit Manager is wonderful and I know this is not her decision. It is her directive. I have asked her to please follow up who has ordered this and on what grounds. This may explain why I have not been getting shifts of late but I don't know for sure. They are such a lovely team there. But we, the unjabbed are being pushed out. Can you believe it? An ICU…


I have noticed how ads on TV are now saying, go visit you GP to discuss the vaccine then get it, or go visit your GP to discuss which vaccine to get. Not even considering go visit your GP to discuss then make the decision not to get it?


most recent blog - under heading: Further Action to Take:

the sentence below does not read well/make sense, please review:

Join up to the company People for Safe Vaccines (PSV)

Thank you for your great work.

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