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Doing it for the Kids

Updated: May 20, 2022

When ATAGI made recommendations to vaccinate children as young as five, despite a more conservative approach by many nations across the world, including the UK, provisional approvals followed at warp speed with vaccinations for children as young as five commencing on 10 January 2022.

In our fourth supplementary report, People for Safe Vaccines has combined its research with Seamus Ryan to delve into the reported adverse events in this aged group, and what we discovered is troubling.

In under 100 days there were 1,300 adverse events reported in children, with an injury rate of 1 in 923 and many of these adverse events listed are serious, including three deaths. Not only are we seeing injuries, we are also seeing breakthrough infections of COVID-19, the very thing these vaccines are supposed to provide protection from.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics COVID-19 Mortality report confirms the younger age groups are not significantly impacted by severity of virus symptoms and this has been the case prior to vaccination.

This can be verified by the very low number of COVID-19 deaths in children up to 9 years of age where for the duration of the pandemic, a total of 8 children have died with a COVID-19 diagnosis.

When you consider this and there being only 8 deaths in children up to 9 years old in two years, most with underlying health conditions, it is clear that the risks from these vaccines do not outweigh the benefits.

To be blunt about it, a six-year-old having a stroke is not a better outcome than them getting COVID-19.

The report concludes "In children below 10 years old there is a 3.2 times greater risk of death from COVID-19 vaccination, compared with catching the virus. Clearly this shows the vaccines in the young are extremely dangerous and is an immediate justification for halting the rollout and for withdrawing any mandates until more thorough, and transparent investigations are conducted.".

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