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False Label

A vaccine is given to healthy individuals because they are stated to be a preventative and safe medication. However, the injections labelled ‘COVID19 vaccines’ do not prevent the transmission of COVID19 disease in the community and they do not prevent you getting or dying from this disease (TGA). Therefore, they are falsely labelled as a ‘vaccine’ and no-one is ‘unvaccinated’ against this disease because there is no drug proven to prevent it.

These drugs are properly labelled experimental gene modification technology and they only have ‘provisional approval’ from the government regulator (TGA) because they have never been trialed in human populations to prove, over 10 years (the time needed to provide a risk-benefit analysis for all medications) that they will be effective in preventing the disease and safe for most of the population.

It is well documented after only 12 months of use that this new gene technology is not safe for many people. There are many deaths and illnesses per day to this COVID19 injection, for a disease that is not causing more serious illness or deaths than a serious flu virus. And many of the ‘cases’ are positive tests, not sick people.

Injuries from the injection include life-threatening heart problems, anaphylaxis, neurological damage, strokes, paralysis, blood clots, vasculitis and predicted infertility and neurodegenerative disorders in younger generations.

This injection has many documented known risks and many unknown risks because it is novel gene modification technology that has the potential to alter the DNA itself and long-term consequences will not be known for many years.

Doctors state that many long-term effects particularly on the reproductive system and fertility are unknown. This gene therapy has the potential to cause autoimmune diseases and cancer that come out months and years after the injection is given and many people are genetically pre-disposed to these diseases.

Mandating this experimental drug in the genetically diverse population will lead to the deaths and illnesses of an unknown number of people. Citizens have the fundamental human right to bodily integrity. We also have the right not to participate in medical experiments.

Further, there is no law in any Australian Health Act that validates coercive vaccination as being for a legitimate public health purpose. On the contrary, coercive medication is against medical ethics and it results in less healthy outcomes. Doctors are directed that vaccines should be given with “fully informed consent, without coercion, manipulation or pressure" (Australian Immunisation Handbook).

There is no justification for labelling healthy people as ‘unvaccinated’ and there should be no discrimination against healthy people in society. Vaccinations for healthy people must always be a choice because genetics determines the health outcomes from these drugs.

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I agree with Andrew on Australia One - the only hope and way out of this mess. All other political parties in Australia have been complicit with many other crimes against humanity. They have always played good guy / bad guy. They are politicians - whilst they may appear to be "with the people" - sadly they have lost any confidence I had in them. There are multiple issues besides vaccines that they have failed to address - namely suppression order on podophiles - not to mention they are a corporation they are not a legitimate political party.


....absolutely correct Omanilady.


I couldn’t agree more . I won’t be coerced into the booster so will be disciplined out of my job as a mental health professional with25 years experience . All because phizer 2 Gave me peripheral neuropathy now I choose to not cause myself further damage. No support or exemption for me the medical profession are threatened by AHPRA to comply . Writing this puts me at risk from them too!

ตอบกลับไปที่ a sane and honest world this muzzle put on Doctors by AHPRA would be on 60 minute and every news program. The cabal has a grip, and it is beyond belief that there are so many who can not see it. Deeply disturbing times jab for me.


Thank you Dr Judy for a well rounded presentation of the facts. Without people like you speaking out the truth and standing up for justice, the people’s voice will never be heard. My hope is that the government responsible for these crimes against human rights will eventually be brought to justice.


The question is that seeing Scott Morrison (Liberal) is directing the States (Labor) to force on the population means Australians have to completely rethink politics and I suspect the majority will not act believing instead the lies that MSM is relentlessly drowning them in

The only possible future is if we can convince enough Australians to change voting to parties like One Nation, Australia One, Great Australia Party & United Australia party

It is clear this planned takeover of Australia starting with Whitlam illegally changing the constitution without a referendum 50 years ago has led the all government being stacked against the people


Hi David

Yes this is so true, let’s hope the people vote with their feet and the general populous wakes up to what is actually going on before we lose everything our fathers fought for in the war.


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