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How a Healthy Person became a ‘Case’ of Disease in 2020-21

Updated: Aug 10, 2021


The proof that no virus is required to diagnose a ‘case’ of COVID19 disease is provided in the recently updated standardised surveillance case-definition of COVID19 disease (2021). In addition to this fact, I will provide the scientific evidence that explains why an asymptomatic person, is not a risk to the community, for COVID19 disease (a flu-like illness). In fact, asymptomatic cases are beneficial in creating the herd immunity needed to live in harmony with these viruses: as we have done for the last seventy years in all countries with good public health infrastructure.

Background to my Research

My global newsletter Vaccination Decisions has enabled me to contribute my university research to the vaccination debate for the last eight years. However, this came to an end on 10th October 2020 when Mailchimp censored my newsletter by disabling my account. Did you know that Mailchimp has been in partnership with the US CDC since 2018?

In 2015 I completed a PhD investigating the reasons for the decline in deaths and hospitalisations (risk) to infectious diseases by 1950 in Australia – and in all developed countries. This included an investigation into the role that vaccines played in this decline.

I set up this newsletter in 2012 when I recognised that this public interest science was being suppressed from public debate in all the official channels. This is the result of powerful industry-lobby groups in Australia (and globally) that are influencing all media outlets and research institutions.

Due to this global newsletter my PhD has now been downloaded thousands of times and in March 2020 my book, “Vaccination: Australia’s Loss of Health Freedom”, became available just as everyone globally was being locked down.

The Reversal of the Traditional Measures for Controlling Infectious Diseases

This happened because in 2020-21 all the traditional measures for controlling infectious diseases were reversed for the first time in history by the World Health Organisation (WHO). This organisation, advised by the corporate-public partnerships in the GAVI alliance, including the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, falsely claimed that healthy (asymptomatic) people are a ‘risk’ to the community if the virus is identified in their body.

This was stated by the WHO scientists in March 2020 even though the WHO had no data to base this claim on in March 2020. Remember, this novel Coronavirus 2019 (SARS-Cov-2) only appeared in January 2020 and there was no evidence provided to support the statement that healthy people without symptoms were a risk to the community. It was being assumed that a positive PCR result, a test that cannot diagnose disease, indicated an asymptomatic 'case' of disease.

This assumption has led to journalists and health departments reporting healthy people as a ‘case’ of disease in 2020-21, wildly inflating the risk from this alleged new flu virus in the media. This false assumption has led to healthy people being locked up in quarantine for two weeks as well as to the unnecessary masking of healthy people, social distancing and isolating of the elderly.

The mainstream media is not required to list the symptoms of the ‘cases’ of disease they are reporting, and this has enabled the government to hide this fact. This allows the media to frighten the public with cases of disease that are healthy people (no symptoms), and deaths that are elderly people with co-morbidity, that die with the flu every year. The difference is that this year, the media is reporting these deaths - normally you do not hear about them.

The fact that the WHO did not have any evidence in March 2020 to support the claim that ‘asymptomatic’ people are a risk to society, is provided by Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, on 8 June 2020 (at 34.07 – 34.52 mins), only three months after the 'pandemic' was declared This WHO spokesperson appears to understand the traditional measures of controlling infectious diseases because she states that you isolate the people with symptoms and trace their contacts to prevent transmission.

However, even though she states that asymptomatic transmission isvery rare’, because the WHO doesn’t have any data to claim otherwise, she concludes that the WHO still advises that ‘some people without symptoms can still transmit the virus on.’ (CheckYourFact 2 December 2020)

The flaw in this WHO statement is that there is a difference between transmitting the virus and transmitting disease. Whilst the virus can be passed on from a sub-clinical infection this does not lead to disease in the majority of cases in countries with good public health infrastructure.

Infection only leads to disease when there are poor environmental conditions or poor host characteristics. Hence, asymptomatic people do not transmit disease in the population, they transmit infection that is mostly beneficial when good conditions exist: asymptomatic 'cases' generate natural herd immunity.

This is the reason why the WHO changed the definition of 'herd immunity' in December 2020. It was to claim that only vaccine created herd immunity would be successful with COVID19 disease. This was claimed without any risk-benefit data for the COVID19 vaccine: this drug had not been trialled in humans in December 2020.

The WHO changed this definition without providing any scientific evidence to support the claim that 'vaccines can create herd immunity' and without any scrutiny from the scientific community. Therefore, the claim has not been validated and it has been done to support the WHO’s desired outcome; to make the world reliant on vaccines.

Viruses are around us all the time and we do not need to eradicate them to live without disease. This is because viruses on their own cannot cause disease: the cause of disease from infectious agents is multifactorial.

This is where the GAVI/ WHO partnerships have deceived the public in 2020. Scientists have known since 1950 that viruses mostly cause sub-clinical infections, that never develop disease symptoms, due to improvements in public health infrastructure and nutrition.

It is these sub-clinical infections that resulted in herd immunity in the population of developed countries by 1950/60. This led public health officials to claim that ‘infectious deaths fell before widespread vaccination was implemented’ (Fiona Stanley, Australian of the Year for Public Health, 2003). Even smallpox was not controlled until after 1950 when isolation of cases with symptoms, and case-tracing strategies played a significant role in the decline of this disease.

The fraudulent claims that are being made by the WHO are effectively manipulating public behaviour because the corporate-sponsored mainstream media and big tech companies are working together to censor public debate.

If this was a conspiracy theory, as the mainstream media would like you to believe, I would have hoped that the industry-lobby groups who petitioned to have my PhD removed in 2016 - after it was published on the University website – were successful. But they weren’t.

The University stood by this thesis because it provided the evidence to support the fact that global health policy is being designed by a collaboration of industry-partners. This is also supported by the extreme censorship of many doctors, scientists, and activists also providing this evidence to you in 2021. Science is only validated when it stands up to scrutiny from the community, so human health is at serious risk until we have this scientific debate.

Judy Wilyman PhD

Resource Box:

These interviews describe the claims about safety and efficacy that underpin government vaccination policies and the strategies that are being used to censor the scientific debate. The Glossa Channel (June 2021).

Part 1: The link between significant chronic illness in children and vaccines

Part 2: The removal of liability from vaccine manufacturers in 1986 led to the reversal of the onus of proof of harmlessness for vaccines

Part 3: Differences in COVID19 disease in India, China, and Australia

Part 4: Creating the appearance of a ‘global pandemic’

Part 5: Global medical tyranny in 2020-21

Part 6: The attack on humanity with over-vaccination (MacFarlane Burnet 1952)

Part 7: Censorship and indoctrination instead of scientific debate

Part 8: A description of my research, my book and action to take back control of our health.

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Every doctor in Australia should be made to read this article. They don't get it, but maybe truck drivers do! Hope they blockade next week.


Looks like you have enough material for a second book Judy. Only this one can be a sci-fi murder mystery...

Replying to

You are quite correct! It is just a matter of whether I have the energy to write it :) The corruption and political strategies used to blind side the public need to be revealed for humanity.


Fantastic article


Loved this article, thanks Judy. And sorry to say I had no idea about Mailchimp and am currently using it. Does anyone know of a good alternative to use instead as I will migrate if so? Thanks!


Brilliant article, Judy, as always. Thanks for the confirmation re Mailchimp.

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