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Miss Representation

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

On the 11th July 2021 the Australian Government released its latest propaganda video promoting COVID-19 vaccines, because as it appears a group of B-grade celebrities couldn't overcome our hesitancy. This graphic video depicts a young female Australian, (we'll call her Miss Representation), seemingly dying in hospital of COVID-19.

If it wasn't for the prolonged and perpetual onslaught of fear mongering, over the last 18 months, the shock value would be likened to the 1980's AIDS campaign, featuring the Grim Reaper.

Once again, this is a clear example of the lengths our government will go to, by promoting fear and guilt to advance their self-serving narrative. What the video actually portrays is an extreme case of COVID-19 in a very low-risk person, in a country with a low prevalence of infection. Another highly improbable scenario with a wildly inflated representation of the true risks to the overwhelming majority of us.

After all, over 99% of young and healthy Australians, who were unfortunate enough to have been subjected to a diagnostic test, known to give a high percentage of false positives, do fully recover without the need for hospitalisation. These 'cases' are overwhelmingly not sick people. In fact over 80% have no signs or symptoms of this illness. So why use such an unlikely model, if not to spread fear, and guilt people into rolling up their sleeves?

The governments representation here is seriously stretching their creative license, bordering on the realm of fantasy. And judging by the comments, the public can see right through it.

What their advertisement is seriously lacking, is what many would refer to as the Elephant in the room; the damage caused by their experimental 'cure', i.e the vaccines.

So, People for Safe Vaccines decided it was time to talk about this stampeding elephant and the trail of destruction it is leaving behind, instead of using 'Miss Representation' to act out an unlikely scenario, we chose to rely on the TGA statistics of injuries and deaths from the experimental injections, occurring in just the first 132 days. Our video offers a silent and sober overview of these statistics. Take a look for yourself.

Youtube removed this video citing we make "claims about COVID-19 vaccinations that contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organization (WHO)".

We have appealed their decision stating that we are "Nothing therein is misleading or dishonest, nor does it contradict expert consensus of local health authorities or the WHO. These authorities do inform that COVID-19 vaccines are in the experimental phase and adverse events, including death, do exist and in fact the video is sharing an official government reference source.

I believe that by removing this video Youtube is acting in a manner that is hiding important and factual information from the public, while allowing exaggerated misrepresentations to be seen, thereby creating an unbalanced perspective on the most critical topic of our time.

For the above reasons I hereby request that the video be reinstated."

Let's see what sort of response we get.

If these figures don't send a chill down your spine, then you have not yet encountered real people with real stories of serious injuries and deaths. However if this experiment persists, you will not have to wait much longer.

Our government wants us to believe we are at war with an invisible enemy, but perhaps the real war is one of perception rather than reality, encouraged by 'Miss Representations' made by those who stand to benefit the most?

With the vaccine roll-out in full swing across the globe, and millions of people who have succumbed to it so far, the experiment is well and truly under way. Despite this and because of the disturbingly high number of injuries sustained along with the spike in breakthrough cases in the fully vaccinated, many experts are speaking out, warning of the dangers and distancing themselves from this agenda, such as:-

  • Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA technology that's used in the COVID vaccine

  • Professor Peter McCullogh, the doctor with the most citations in the National Library of Medicine on covid-19

  • Dr Damien Wojick, NZ Integrative Medical Doctor and Master of Forensic Medicine

  • Dr Simone Gold, frontline COVID-19 emergency technician and founder of America's Frontline Doctors

  • Dr Zev Zelenko, inventor of the Zelenko protocol, nominated for the Noble peace prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and now provides counsel to multiple governments, hospitals, physicians, and public figures.

  • Dr Tess Lawrie, Medical Doctor and researcher in Evidence Based medicine

  • Dr George Fareed, Medical Director of Pioneers Health Clinic

  • Dr Luc Montagnier, virologist and 2008 Nobel Prize (joint) winner in Physiology or Medicine

  • Dr Roger Hodkinson, world renowned pathologist

  • Dr. Li-Meng YAN, Chinese virologist at the Wuhan Institute of virology and whistleblower

  • James Lyons-Weiler PhD, author and research scientist, Editor-in-Chief at Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law with a PhD in Ecology, Evolution & Conservation in Biology.

  • Dr Jerome Kim - Director-General of the International Vaccine Institute

  • Dr Drew Weissman, MD, PhD, of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and an early pioneer of mRNA technology

  • Peter Doshi, Associate Editor, British Medical Journal

  • Dr Richard Fleming PhD, world renowned cardiologist

  • Professor Dolores Cahill, world renowned molecular biologist and immunologist

See what Dr Peter McCullough has to say about the government video here.

The growing number of dissenting expert opinions are simply too many to list here, however the common message is that these vaccines are dangerous and even deadly, and we can only hazard a guess at what the long-term effects will be.

The question is, do we choose to believe the government actors and celebrities amidst their fear-mongering over the risks of the virus, and their misrepresentation of the safety and efficacy of these vaccines, or do we take heed of the true scientists and doctors who have put their necks on the line to speak out?

The idea that a vaccine is the only tool available to deal with illness is a Utopian ideology. The reality indicates the opposite. Even as the experimental vaccine manufacturers themselves state, they offer no protection from infection and transmission, and only hope to reduce symptoms and hospitalisations. That's fortunate because hospitals now need the capacity to deal with the rising number of serious vaccine injuries; which are significantly higher than from the virus they were ironically supposed to protect us from.

It comes as no surprise that the government video was released via Murdoch’s, after-all the mainstream media vultures have to fight it out for their share of the $24 million dollars our government is spending to convince us to take their shot. It seems a growing number of people now see through their double standards as comments on the video are no longer welcome, after a barrage of abuse from so many unhappy Australians.

In reference to China's tactics to make Australia bend to their will, Scott Morrison recently commented that "where there are no consequences for coercive behaviour, there is little incentive for restraint.".

For those who are understandably hesitant to participate in this medical experiment, whilst still feeling the pressure to partake, please apply this advice. It simply means be brave, say no and stand your ground. It could save you in the end.

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Big tech deplatformed the President of the United States. If they can do it to him they can do it to anyone. We are in a post-truth society. Let the dead bury the dead.


Looks like her vaccine is working.


My comment added to re-educate who ever has ears ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Don't buy into this EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY. NO LONG TERM SAFETY. Check out Dr Borody ivermectin triple therapy. Peer-reviewed studies reducing severity, hospitalisation. I ndian Bar Association taking on WHO over discrediting it. It's been used to save lives. Gregg Hunt - GPs can prescribe off-label medicines. If it's good enough for India, South Africa and many more why not us?

Replying to

I couldn't get any of those links to work.


Love the comments section under the govt propaganda video. Imagine how many think this way and do not comment. Could we be the silent majority?


Someone online has remembered that face and shot. They said it was from the Grim Reaper days of HIV and that the same person was used for this advertisement. If that is the case then it doubles the propaganda aspect of the lying government.

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