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On April 28, 2022 the Australian Bureau of Statistics released its Provisional Mortality Statistics of deaths data to show changes in patterns of mortality.

The report shows that in January 2022, deaths are 22.1% more than the historical average. It is disturbing to see that after cancers, COVID-19 deaths were the most common cause of death in January 2022.

In our fifth supplementary report, we provide updated National statistics, including across key States and Territories, adding Victoria. In light of the excessive increase in COVID-19 cases with clinical severity, it is difficult to see how our governments can continue with their narrative that vaccination is effective.

Mike Ryan from TNT Radio invited us back to speak about our third supplementary report, which you can listen to here.

How can our governments continue to peddle the mantra that mass vaccination is the best way to deal with COVID-19, when 89% of the entire population from age 5 and above, are double vaccinated and 64.9% of those 16 and above are triple vaccinated and COVID-19 is now the second most common cause of death in Australia?

The report concludes "With all-cause mortality increasing by 22% on historical averages and COVID-19 becoming the second most common cause of death despite significant rates of vaccination, we conclude that the purported COVID-19 vaccines used in Australia are ineffective, and the ABS mortality report verifies our assumptions that these vaccines are creating increased susceptibility to COVID-19 infection, serious illness and death. Consequently, it makes no sense to force people to be vaccinated and we believe the rollout should be halted immediately and a thorough independent and transparent investigation be done.".

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