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Politicians are using Pseudoscience to Commit a Crime under the Nuremberg Code

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Governments globally are implementing a mandatory medical treatment for healthy people, and this is a crime under the Nuremberg Code. Any politician, doctor or journalist that is promoting or giving these injections with false or misleading information is complicit in this crime and will be held accountable by the people. On the 20th of November rallies to fight for medical freedom were held around the world and this was repeated in Australia this Saturday 18th December with the Freedom Movement across Australia.

In Australia crowd estimates at the protests were in the hundreds of thousands, with official police estimates in Melbourne alone being 700,000. People are gathering week after week in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and other regional centres. Yet these figures were misrepresented in the mainstream media with false information about the rallies and the speakers. On the 22nd November the West Australian newspaper, that is corporate-sponsored, claimed there were only 10,000 people in Perth and I was defamed in this article with false information that had no relevance to Saturday's rally.

This is an example of the lack of integrity and accountability that exists in Australian journalism and it has been the case for 10 years due to the powerful industry lobby groups that control the Australian media. Dick Smith’s, Australian Skeptics’ lobby group, (that is not a scientific organisation) influences every media outlet and research institution in Australia. It is time for Australians to decide what sort of society they want to live in and to take positive action to restore integrity in our institutions and ethics in our medical profession.

If urgent action is not taken now healthy people will continue to be discriminated against under the false label of “unvaccinated” and they will soon be removed to the quarantine camps that are being built all over Australia.

Here is the speech I gave at the rally on 20th of November 2021, and it will explain to you why big pharma needs to denigrate and ridicule any doctor or scientist who questions vaccine science:

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