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The facts & science surrounding the vaccine debate with Dr Judy Wilyman & John O’Sullivan

There are legitimate questions surrounding Covid-19 vaccines that were approved in record time and for which manufacturers and those administering it are indemnified.

Of course the media has no questions, the medical profession has been silenced by regulators and the public remains ignorant of basic facts due to the might of official propaganda.

Dr Judy Wilyman is well place to talk about the facts and science surrounding the current vaccine debate. Dr Wilyman is Australia’s leading authority on the historical control of infectious diseases. Dr Judy Wilyman has spent many years investigating the correlation between the decline in children’s health and the increased use of vaccines.

Her PhD titled ‘A critical analysis of the Australian government’s rationale for its vaccination policy’ concluded that the government’s claims of safety and efficacy are not based on hard evidence.

Since completing her PhD, Dr Wilyman has experienced censorship in both the mainstream media and the official channels for public debate.

Our second guest is John O’Sullivan, CEO of Principia Scientific International, an organisation dedicated to transparency and truth and the only publishing international science association shunning political advocacy and defending the traditional scientific method.

Covid Exposed on Asia Pacific Today. October 3, 2021

Asia Pacific Today believes that your opinion is legitimate. And we believe that our guests have something to say and that their opinion is also legitimate. Throughout the week, Mike Ryan has discussions about politics, polarising issues, current events, and more. We really are connecting with people all over the world that simply speak their mind. There's new videos throughout the week, every week. And we also need our audience to grow. It would really help us grow if you could subscribe to our Channel.

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1 comentario

A well put together interview. One which really should been screened on all TV networks. If only to stimulate debate.

Thankfully, we have Dr Wilyman here in Australia standing up for the truth, despite the ridicule and open attacks against her scientific credentials.

Australian Doctors and nurses could learn a lot from her. You are shamed by your compliance and in activity in this debate. You too will have peoples death and ill health on your hands. A burden you will carry to your grave.

In addition we should acknowledge the contribution of our main media outlets, TV, press. social media and radio are having in programming peoples views. One sided, unbalanced and clearly devoid of investigative journalism. Shame on…

Me gusta
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