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The Medical Fraud in Diagnosing COVID Disease

The public is not being made aware that many of the adverse events to the COVID ‘vaccines’ are being mislabelled as COVID disease when people are being admitted to hospital. This is possible because the only thing required to diagnose COVID disease is a positive test – not specific disease symptoms.

This lack of transparency in the diagnosis of disease is resulting in the deception of global populations that is leading to increased death and illness in all communities. This is medical fraud because diagnosis in traditional medicine has never been based solely on a test and without specific symptoms.

In traditional medicine specific clinical symptoms are required before any test is used for disease diagnosis. The medical definition of a case of disease prior to 2020 was:

A case definition is a set of standard criteria for classifying whether a person has a particular disease, syndrome, or other health condition.

The use of a PCR test or an antigen test on its own since 2020 is not a method of disease diagnosis and this is medical fraud. These tests are being misused and misinterpreted and this is allowing governments to remove human rights.

In the case of flu-like illness hundreds of viruses, bacteria, and medications (vaccines) can cause flu-like symptoms so identifying one virus is not proof of causality – particularly when this test can be positive in people without any respiratory symptoms at all.

All humans have thousands of viruses and bacteria in us all the time so identifying them when we don’t have symptoms is not a useful method of defining disease or even predicting the risk of an infectious disease. Therefore, it was never done prior to 2020.

The claim that humans had a lack of natural immunity to this new coronavirus in 2020 was untrue and this has now been proven as the unvaccinated did not get this flu-like illness any more seriously than the vaccinated. In fact, the vaccinated have been admitted to hospital in much higher numbers than the unvaccinated.

If we stop the testing for Coronavirus 2019, then COVID disease disappears, and we return to managing flus and colds until real data of an epidemic or pandemic is observed, instead of relying on predictions from flawed mathematical models.

This means that influenza and colds in 2021-22 have now been labelled as ‘COVID disease’. As have strokes, heart disease and blood clots etc due to the requirement to take a rapid antigen test or PCR test before patients are admitted to hospital.

This test can be positive even if you do not have any flu-like symptoms. Hence, the stroke, heart attack, myocarditis, or blood clots that you have arrived at hospital with can then become ‘COVID disease’ after a positive test.

Please look at the complaint made by retired Lieutenant-Colonel Kevin Loughrey, who provides all the evidence to support the false claim that this injection is a “vaccine” against a new disease called COVID.

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