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The whole, greater than the sum of its parts

"The whole is greater than the sum of the parts", a quote attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle nearly 2400 years ago explains the importance of synchronicity, and is also the foundation of Gestalt therapy, which at its core holds the holistic view that people are intricately linked to, and influenced by, their environments; and that all people strive toward growth and balance.

We can think of it like letters of the alphabet; on their own they are meaningless. When combined into words they provide us content, when used in sentences they have context, and in a story they provide meaning. You can take the exact same words and rearrange them to form a different sentence and its context and meaning will change. Same letters, same words, different structure, different meaning.

When we read those letters which form words to create sentences and convey a meaning, the intent of the writer can still be overlooked by the reader. Speaking the words and using dynamics of tone, cadence, tempo and volume can create a different meaning again.

Even the spaces between spoken words have importance, in much the same way as the pauses in music. Mix up the notes to create a different symphony. The silences in any piece of music are just as important as the notes.

Looking at this simplistically, everyone benefits when we combine our efforts. Could the opposite be true: when one person or group makes a gain, does it create a loss somewhere else? The ruling elite would have us believe this is true, as it divides us into factions.

This idea of separateness is one of the greatest deceptions of our time.

Another famous quote: “Divide and conquer” describes an ancient tactic of warfare. This has been used against us during the current “pandemic”; and vaccine passports are the weapon used to divide us.

In the latest weekly TGA report of adverse events from the covid-19 vaccines, it states:

With a statement like this, it is difficult to comprehend why people would blindly choose to submit to these vaccines. Using the letters in the word "coincidentally", one can also find the word “deceit”.

Many who surrendered their bodily autonomy have unwittingly enslaved themselves for life to the pharma sect, for convenience, under immense pressure, or through fear. Those who continue to resist do so for their personal freedom, but their sacrifice is also for the greater good; for the collective freedom of all to choose.

But…not everyone sees it that way, at least not yet. The disgraceful treatment by Victorian police of peaceful freedom protestors who stood on the steps of the Shrine of Remembrance - a national symbol of sacrifice for freedom - is evidence of that. When police opened fire on unarmed members of their own communities, those actions spoke volumes about this divide.

Reading the mainstream media reports of the incident, and comparing it with first-hand reports of those who were there, is a perfect example of how the same letters can be formed into different words, to create a completely different meaning to make one’s point. In my universe, what was done to these people, on the altar of our ANZACs, has one interpretation only.

However, each action gets a reaction. And that one act influenced the silent majority, the spaces between the words, the rests in the music, to finally mobilise and assemble in a way we have not yet seen. A coming together of the people. A holistic, organised and harmonised movement that is working together, unprecedented in our recent history. Government sanctioned police brutality and excessive force has torn us so far apart that it has forced us together.

And we are receiving international support, starting with the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis stating “Is Australia freer than communist China right now? I don’t know. The fact that’s even a question tells you something’s gone dramatically off the rails… In fact, I wonder why we’d still have the same diplomatic relations when they’re doing that,”.

A group of Polish MPs, protested at the Australian Embassy expressing their concerns over human rights issues by the Australian government, as well as protestors outside the London Australian Embassy, shows that international pressure on our government is mounting.

When Advocate Me launched its Australians Say No campaign on October 1, bringing people together was our intent. Bringing them to a place where information empowers them, and building their own groups bonded by the same values, causes the illusion of separateness to fall away. And the popularity of our community forums and community-based initiatives has swelled to nearly 400,000 this month alone.

Why? Because what we are providing is more than a single solution to a person’s problem. We are uniting people across the nation to combine with others to empower themselves. Groups have formed based on industry sectors, but also geographic locations. People are working together holistically and finding ways to assist each other, to educate and inform, to communicate better and truly support each other. New friendships are being forged; new opportunities born. New parallel systems are replacing the old broken, greedy, unethical, immoral, and divisive ones.

Suddenly we have moved from this attitude:-

to this:-

The #reclaimtheline campaign is the essence of this movement.

So this is the answer to the earlier question about whether one’s gain equates to another’s loss. The universe deplores a vacuum and must fill it. The traumatic response to the pandemic created that vacuum and it’s now time we fill it with something that works.

The narrative of our ‘authorities’ is falling apart, their letters and words shifting hourly, as they scramble and stumble through their daily sermons. The irrational, illogical, impractical measures and lawless approach could almost be seen as a tool to awaken us. Awaken us to what? To the need to rearrange the story to one that values humans and promotes freedom, liberty, cohesiveness; one with communities that cooperate, communicate with love and acceptance, and will defend what is righteous.

Like letters of the alphabet, or musical notes, we only have true meaning when we come together to write our own story and create our own symphonies. As we strive toward growth and balance, this story has only just begun!

Our initiatives are:-

  • Advocate Me – championing strategic legal challenges, seeking answers to critical questions of law, setting sound legal precedents in a time of chaos

  • Human Rights Advocates Australia – assisting the disenfranchised on the ground

  • People for Safe Vaccines – education around the covid-19 vaccine safety and efficacy, government lobbying and backing legal cases that will establish precedents

  • Australians Say No – clarifying employee rights, employer obligations and risks, and unifying communities to stand against medical apartheid

We acknowledge and support:-

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