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They're going to play a game with you!

Any child of the 70s and 80s would have memories of Romper Room. This children’s television program was filled with juvenile songs that have endured into adulthood, such as “Reach for the stars”, “Mr Do Bee how do you do” and “Punch the ball”.

Perhaps the creepiest, and in hindsight, most disturbing part was the Magic Mirror. Of course, all the kids loved it because we waited with bated breath to hear if the host could see and call us by name. She would hold the Magic Mirror, which would come alive with psychedelic, hypnotising swirls, then say:

“Romper Bomper Stomper Boo, Tell me, tell me, tell me do, Magic Mirror tell me today, Have all my friends had fun at play?”

Take a walk down memory lane here.

Watching today as an adult, the programming is so obvious, it must be held up as one of the prize examples of early childhood programming (hem “learning”).

The star of the show was Mr Do Bee, a delightful talking Bee. His intro on each show was in song, “Mr Do Bee how do you do? We’re going to play a game with you.”

When I think about the state of the world today, we can see the impacts that psychological programming is having, and the type of games they are playing with us. One could argue we are in the midst of a psychological warfare where the prize is your soul, or at the very least your full submission.

But here’s the thing: In the spirit of Mr Do Bee we can continue to bumble around in our hypnotic state, completely unaware we can sting like a bee, or we can wake up to the fact that together we can create a swarm that cannot be ignored.

Nobody wants to be stung, especially those who sit in their cushy seats of power, but while they can shoo a few of us away with ease, a swarm cannot be ignored. This is why it is so important to unite.

Advocate Me has been uniting people for a year now, and as our forum membership swells, our association with our members and other groups is growing in importance. The IMOP political party is one such group.

The Informed Medical Options Party stands for informed consent, and is doing tremendous work in this field. This week they have released an important flyer that we wanted to share with our members. We encourage you to view their page here and download the flyers here.

Many of you are members of this new political party and are already engaged in printing these and placing them in letterboxes. With media and social media censorship rife, this is how we continue the pushback. This is what a grass roots movement looks like.

It would appear that many people are still hypnotised by the programming of the Magic Mirror, or like children watching Romper Room, are they the silent majority waiting for their names to be spoken? Perhaps the IMOP flyer is a symbol of acknowledgement, its content the message of awakening.

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I feel there are far more people awake as to what is really going on now. We need to keep growing that number and not to let that push for knowledge dwindle. As regards the above message on Spellbinding through the Childrens TV programs there has been many many years of this damage done to us both as children and adults. I turned my TV off last May.


The more we can encourage people to always question - never to accept that what you read/hear as truth. Critical thinking is essential;


Excellent article. Thanks. Great to see such awareness of the programming by television shows all those years ago. People are very slowly joining dots but not at a rate that is fast enough, and yet, who knows what will propel the awakening into such a momentum that we will gasp at the amazing spread of knowledge and of course the acceptance?

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