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Chronology of Communications

As members of People for Safe Vaccines, you provide the means for our legal team to communicate our collective concerns to our government, with the covid-19 "vaccine" roll-out. Thank you for supporting this movement.

From the beginning we have always maintained that the "vaccines" should never be mandatory. And in spite of the initial suggestion from Scott Morrison that they will make it as "mandatory as possible", with our pressure; they have changed their position.

However, we know how the government operates and we are persistently lobbying them about the important issues, which we will continue to do.

For your benefit, we have added a new page to the site for members only. This page will give you a full chronology of communications, so you can keep abreast of the demands we have presented, and the responses we are receiving.

Like the inner workings of a time-piece, government lobbying and legal strategising is a complex process, and getting all the pieces to work together in perfect harmony is an art and a science. We are putting all the pieces in place that we hope will not only address your immediate concerns with the covid-19 "vaccine" roll-out, but equally require individual choice, either way - refuse or accept - in place of medical tyranny.

This week we sent a letter to the respective Safework and/or Worksafe Regulators in each State and Territory, outlining concerns with employers trying to mandate COVID-19 vaccination, and seeking government to commit to publishing guidance that clarifies that employers do not have power to force vaccination.

Watch this important video message from CEO Serene Teffaha.

We will have more news for you soon as we continue this important lobbying effort to ensure proper, informed consent is always ensured, and all business owners know where they stand with their customers and employees: can they force or coerce an employee with threats of dismissal if they refuse; and can any incentives provided to employers by pharmaceutical manufacturers and governments to be their hanchmen be legally contested in the future.

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