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Medical Practitioners Warn ‘There is no Medical Pandemic’ And ‘No Urgency for a Vaccine’

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

December 29, 2020 By Judy Wilyman PhD

Important videos:

When the media reports that there are “20 new cases of COVID19 disease” have you ever thought to ask what symptoms do these people have? In fact, these people are mostly healthy people that do not have any symptoms, but they do have a ‘positive’ PCR test. And/Or they have a common cold or mild flu symptoms that do not require any special treatment for recovery.

But these media statistics of non-serious ‘cases’ are being used to frighten you about a disease that none of you have ever seen in the community other than as ‘flu-like symptoms’ or the common cold. Did you know that the US CDC has suspended the tracking of influenza for the 2020-21 flu season?

Did you also know that the transmissibility factor (Reproductive rate/ number (RO)) is 1.4 to 2.5 according to the WHO? That makes it even lower than that of seasonal flu which can be above 8.

In the 2020-21 flu season the health department and media are reporting on every non-serious case of 'flu-like symptoms' as COVID19. This statistic for 2020-21 also includes healthy people without any symptoms. For the first time in history (2020) healthy people are now being included as cases of disease. Plus, there is a direct correlation between the number of PCR tests being done and the increase in COVID19 'cases'.

In 2020 we have a pandemic of PCR testing in healthy people and not a pandemic of an infectious agent. This is because the test cannot identify the presence of the whole coronavirus - it can only identify segments of the family of viruses and segments are not proof that a specific strain of this virus is present. It may be the common cold virus that is detected.

Humans carry these viruses around all the time without getting symptoms of disease. So even if there was an accurate test to identify the virus (which there is not) it would not be proof that you would either get sick or cause serious illness in the community. Only empirical evidence can provide proof for a pandemic and this empirical (observed) evidence did not exist in every country in 2020 when the pandemic was called - so it is not a 'medical pandemic' and there is no justification for emergency powers.

Has the media told you that the risk of infectious diseases can only be determined by case-fatalities in specific demographics? No. The media and Health Department have not told you this fact. Instead, they are frightening you with ‘cases’ of disease without telling you anything about the severity (or otherwise) of these 'cases'. This is media manipulating the community with fear – a strategy that has been used throughout history to remove human rights.

In other words, they are not hospitalised “cases” and they may or may not have “flu-like symptoms”. In any other year you would not hear about these non-serious cases of flu but this year the Australian government is funding hospitals to search for these cases in healthy people. In addition, the people who are dying with COVID19 have underlying chronic illnesses (co-morbidity) so this year people are not dying of old age but of 'COVID19' disease without the virus being identified in a single one of these deaths. They are ‘suspected’ COVID19 deaths.

The significant problem that we have with this testing of healthy people is that the test the Health Departments are using to find the infective agent CANNOT diagnose infections. That is, they do not identify the whole virus (only segments) hence there is no proof that the new Coronavirus 2019 is present in these cases and/or causing the flu-like symptoms. Many viruses cause these symptoms.

This is a critical point for all this wasted money and energy on testing the healthy population. And the test is being used to lock up healthy people and/or to remove their children based on a ‘positive PCR test’ that does not indicate an infection with Coronavirus 2019 (SARSCov-2).

This makes the PCR test 100% false for the purpose of identifying a virus that causes ‘flu-like’ symptoms.

If you think that I am making this up then please listen to these doctors from all over the world telling you the same thing – The Question on Everyone’s Mind: Is there a Medical Pandemic”.

If that is not enough evidence for you then please listen to this video -The Last Inch: Experts warn about Human Foetal Tissue, Nanotechnology and Genetic Engineering in the COVID19 Vaccines - of health professionals, scientists and academics explaining to you how the appearance of a medical pandemic can be created by simply changing the diagnostic and surveillance criteria for infections. It will also tell you why the coming vaccine is very dangerous to the health and genetic fabric of human society.

Also, this video of Catherine Austin Fitts explaining that ‘this is not a vaccine’ and 'it is not a pandemic’. This is all about a façade to hide the economic reset that is occurring.

It is up to every citizen to research this situation and to promote the public’s interest in vaccination policies. That is, that vaccines are safe, effective and necessary: a goal that is not relevant to Big Pharma because they are indemnified for any harm caused by their vaccine products – including COVID19 vaccines. Why would you waste money testing safety properly if you cannot be criminally charged for any harm that your drug causes?

If you don’t research this situation for yourself then you can be sure that Big Pharma will continue to promote its vested interests in government policy as it has been doing for many decades.

If you think this is simply a conspiracy theory as the mainstream (corporate-sponsored) media is telling you, then please write to the University of Wollongong and ask them – why they are supporting my research that the media is dismissing as a ‘conspiracy theory’? Also remember that the media has been used as a tool for propaganda for centuries.

If the community does not take action to protect themselves by using common sense in their decisions about drugs and challenging mandatory drug policies, then coercive/mandatory injections will continue because the medical-industry complex has the most powerful voice in the design of government policies.

It is time to stop thinking that the ‘experts are in control’ because like the sinking of the Titanic (the unsinkable ship) this is not always the case and a lack of accountability for ‘science’ has resulted in the current loss of health freedom globally that will cause serious harm and death in all populations. This has been enabled by a global mainstream media that is censoring the doctors/researchers who are presenting the public’s interest in infectious disease control.

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I would also like to know why Perth seemed to avoid the “false positives” (or any positives) in the latest “quarantine breach.” Either patient zero was actually negative, was positive but a “non-shedder,” the Perth testing is to a standard where no false positives are possible or profitable in a test pool of about 50,000, the ‘UK variant’ is not as infectious as promoted, or is infectious and patient zero didn’t have that strain... the list of questions about covid goes on.

And we’re all meant to take part in mRNA injections when we can’t even get honest answers about the virus or testing? Just being called ‘propagandists’ and told to shut up and take the vaccine.

If governments are…


Judy - first of all I appreciate the effort you are making to inform people. I have long been suspicious of the high 'case numbers' of covid. My question is, what testing is being used to determine that different strains are circulating, such as the UK strain or the South African strain? If PCR testing cannot even determine whether someone has the -19 strain? Thank you 😊

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